Taste the Hana

Taste the Hana

Do you know in which restaurants (and other gastronomic establishments) in Olomouc and Central Moravia you are guaranteed to get food and drink of the best quality, from local and fresh ingredients? Then read on!

Taste Hana and the best of Central Moravia

So that you don't have to get lost googling where to go for lunch, dinner, snacks, and what local specialties you absolutely have to try, we've picked out the best for you. We regularly visit all of the restaurants participating in "Taste Hana" and sample their menus so you can count on that they:

  • create dishes from fresh ingredients
  • use local produce
  • they take inspiration from traditional Haná cuisine and serve it on the plate with a good dose of their own inventiveness

You probably associate the gastronomy of Central Moravia with Olomouc tvarůžky and beer. Yes, this is a great asset of ours. But it's far from the only one. How about trying handmade chocolate, homemade lavender desserts, fresh cheese, and yoghurt from a local farm, or even wine from our only two vineyards? Fire up your palate, loosen your belts, and go Tasting Hana!

Olomouc rocks on the Czech gastroscene

If you haven't put Olomouc on your gastromap yet, we have 3+1 compelling arguments why you definitely should!

  1. Because Přemek Forejt rules the Entrée. You may have already seen the poker chef on TV screens, where, as one of the judges of MasterChef Czechia, he "grills" amateur chefs on their way to their dream. You may have even heard him singing "Stella, you resemble a pancake, you have soft cheeks and eyes, you must take after your mum and dad, you love semolina and candy...". You may have also seen him on a talk show. But you may not know that he is behind the concept of the Entrée restaurant in Olomouc. In the living garden, you can taste Přemek's gastronomic marvels that will literally shoot you out of your undies. Don't hesitate to book a table at the best restaurant in Olomouc, which lacks a Michelin star just because it's not in Prague (and we stand by that)! 
  2. Because Michelin-starred chef Roman Paulus has opened a bistro here. The concept of the modern canteen combines classic Czech cuisine with flavours from around the world. The kitchen is dominated by a large grill, where they regularly roast meat and fish whole and cut a portion from the grill directly onto your plate. From 7:30 am the bistro is open for sweet and savoury breakfasts. For lunch (11:00-14:30) you can choose from two soups, several dishes, and salads, and until 16:30 there are snacks, sandwiches, desserts, and good coffee. For evenings and weekends, head here for cooking classes.
  3. Because Olomouc shines on Lukáš Hejlík's gastromap. In addition to the featured cafes, bars, and bistros, head to Eatery & Bakery - a restaurant with its own bakery. The Josper Grill - the Ferrari of grills - plays a starring role in the open kitchen. Heated with charcoal, food is cooked at temperatures of up to 300°C and seared on all sides at the same time, retaining all the flavour and juiciness. The smoke, which can be regulated in various ways, also plays a big role and takes the taste of meat and vegetables to a whole new dimension. Why stick to one dish? Thanks to the shared plate concept, you can try multiple dishes from the menu in one evening. The menu is rather more concise, but all the more dynamic and will be enjoyed by meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans alike. The restaurant has added to the range of services of the now famous Olomouc hostel Long Story Short, which has been praised by the world's media such as the British The Guardian and The New York Times. 
  4. Because the Tip of the Year 2022 in the Best Restaurant publication is Olomouc's Bistro Helen. The TopLife Czech publishing project awards the best Czech restaurants with one to three golden lions - similar to the Michelin stars. In addition to Entrée, Bistro Helen, located on the top floor of Galerie Šantovka, also scored points with the independent evaluators and offers modern dishes made from seasonal and local food. The Olomouc establishments thus took pride of place alongside the Prague Field, La Degustation Boheme Bourgeouise, or La Veranda.
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We have prepared a series of simple recipes based on traditional Hanakian cuisine. Try to show off to your family or friends with cake made of Olomouc curd cheese, crispy duck or grandma's buns!